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Ten year-end tax-planning tips for investors — but start now if you want to take advantage of them


Certain expenses must be paid by year end to claim a tax deduction or credit in 2018.Brent Lewin/Bloomberg

For some of us, Halloween means trick-or-treating and jack-o’-lanterns. But for tax geeks, it means there are just two months left until Dec. 31 and time to get a head start on some year-end tax planning. Here are ten things to think about this week, as you eat your candy.

1. Tax-loss selling

Tax-loss selling involves selling investments with accrued losses at year end to offset capital gains realized elsewhere in your portfolio. Any net capital losses that cannot be used currently may either be carried back three years or carried forward indefinitely to offset net capital gains in other years.

In order for your loss to be immediately available for 2018 (or one of the prior three years), the settlement must take place in 2018. To complete settlement by December 31st, the trade date must be no later than December 27, 2018.

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