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Sony wins E3. Again. Barely


Naughty Dog's in-game footage of The Last of Us, Part II was the highlight of Sony Interactive Entertainment's E3 2018 press conference.SIE

Microsoft Corp. has the most powerful box. Nintendo Co. Ltd. still has the momentum of a new console launch. Bethesda Softworks LLC, Ubisoft Entertainment SA, and Electronic Arts Inc. are all churning out software in a manner befitting their status as some of the world’s biggest game makers. Yet it was incumbent Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc. that once again owned the pre-show festivities of the 2018 edition of the Electronic Entertainment Exposition, the game industry’s biggest annual event. If just barely.

Held, as usual, at the sprawling, multi-halled complex that is the Los Angeles Convention Centre, this year’s show – which runs June 12th through 14th – was preceded, as always, by a series of marathon press conferences held by some of the best known companies in the business. These showcases tend to spill the beans on major products before the show even begins, revealing just about everything anyone is interested in prior to the official opening of E3’s doors. And Sony’s presser, held Monday night, was the climax of these events.

It began with a lengthy look at The Last of Us, Part II, a highly anticipated sequel to one of the most acclaimed games released for Sony’s previous generation console, PlayStation 3. It started off with a beautiful and extended romantic moment focused on the game’s protagonist, Ellie (pictured above), before moving on to provide a good glimpse of the game’s tense and terrifying post-apocalypse action.


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